About Us

At Bisous, we like to keep it simple, sustainable, economical and of course reusable .... Au Naturale . Through years of research, trialing and testing, we have developed the softest, non-disposal nanofiber makeup cloth at the most affordable price! Bringing science to the beauty industry, Bisous has combined nanotechnology with makeup and dirt removal to bring you our essential three pack. Bisous has been developed to take off ALL makeup including HD and waterproof without disrupting the natural pH levels of your skin. Our cloth gently exfoliates and completely removes all makeup and dirt naturally from your face. Simply wet with warm water, wipe in a circular motion and voila , you are clean.
Bisous celebrates real girls, in real life with real skin conditions. It all started with a bad case of Dermatitis. Having trialed every product under the sun, Bisous is distilled from real life experiences. Our nanofiber cloths are the manifestation of all these experiences in a thoughtful product that cleanses gently, effectively and chemical free.
Skin issues will affect everyone at some point of their life. The theory goes that the cleansing process promotes healthy skin but some of us react to the active ingredient in most cleansers and makeup removers. In order to strip the skin of makeup and grime most cleansers and disposable makeup wipes’ active ingredients include solubilizes, emulsifiers, alcohol and even preservatives like methylisothiazolinone. For those with sensitive skin or skin conditions these chemicals can affect the skin’s natural acid mantle and cause irritation, dryness and further exacerbate skin conditions. Our product is made from a specially knitted nanofiber which, when wet,
creates a hydro-mechanical process that breaks the surface tension of the oils that bond makeup and dirt to the skin.
Bisous is not only an alternative for those with skin conditions but for those who have a philosophical aversion to using chemical products.
Not only does disposable make up wipes cause skin irritation but also billions end up in landfill every year, polluting our seas and environment. This shocking reality continuously drives us to encourage angels worldwide to switch! With Bisous, you can be part of the solution. One pack of cloths can last up to a year becoming the most cost effective solution in eliminating the need for expensive, irritating and wasteful makeup wipes!
Bisous comes in a three pack for effortless rotation and is easily machine washed when dirty. Once Bisous is dirty, place in a lingerie bag and wash with light colours on a normal cycle. Bisous is washable and reusable. No bleach, no softener, no dryer.  We’re laying the foundation for a beauty movement that is sustainable, cost effective and chemical free. Bisous is a new way of thinking about cleansing, the environment and your pocket cohesively. Très chic!
Say Bonjour to the future of makeup removal!
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