About Us

Bisous is laying the foundation for a beauty movement that is sustainable, cost effective and chemical free.

The Story

Frustrated with the market’s complete lack of sustainable and chemical free products, the team at Bisous devoted 3 years to create a chemical free makeup removal cloth that is cruelty free and reusable, allowing you to be kind to yourself and the environment. Translating to ‘kisses’ in the language of love - aptly named, as our nanofiber makeup cloths gently embrace your face leaving no trace behind.

Bringing science to the beauty industry, Bisous has utilised nanotechnology to create a product that removes all makeup and dirt. It has been developed to take off ALL makeup including HD and waterproof without disrupting the natural pH levels of your skin.

Born from a stubborn case of Dermatitis and having trialled every product under the sun, Bisous is distilled from real life experiences. Our nanofiber cloths are the manifestation of all these experiences in a thoughtful product that cleanses gently, effectively and chemical free.


Bisous celebrates real girls, in real life with real skin conditions. Our ethos fluidly marries skin care, sustainability and fair pricing.
Skin Care Skin issues will affect everyone at some point. In theory the cleansing process should promote healthy skin but some of us react to the active ingredients in many cleansers and makeup removers. In order to strip the skin of makeup and grime most cleansers’ and disposable makeup wipes’ active ingredients include solubilizes, emulsifiers, alcohol and even preservatives like methylisothiazolinone. For those with sensitive skin or skin conditions these chemicals can affect the skin’s natural acid/alkaline mantle and cause irritation, dryness and further aggrevate skin conditions.


Not only do disposable make up wipes cause skin irritation but also billions end up in landfill every year, polluting our seas and environment. It’s 2018 and the consumer now has the chance to purchase a thoughtful and ethically driven product that doesn’t contribute to landfill. With Bisous, you can be part of the solution.


Our three pack costs $29.95 AUD and is effective for up to a thousand washes becoming the most cost-effective solution in eliminating the need for expensive, irritating and wasteful alternatives! It is available exclusively from www.bisous.store

The Design Philosophy

Our cloths fuse fit, function and design. Each cloth fits perfectly in the open palm of both hands and is designed to gently embrace the curves of your face. Bisous is made from an incredibly soft knitted nanofiber which, when wet, creates a hydro-mechanical process that breaks the surface tension of the oils that bond makeup and dirt to the skin.
Our inherent appreciation for the environment has inspired us to ensure our product is reusable and practical right down to the packaging. Our three pack comes in a travel bag so that Bisous stays in the bathroom and out of landfill.

The Experience

There is nothing more comforting than wiping the day away with a warm and soft cloth. Bisous is a luxurious experience right in your own bathroom. Simply wet with warm water, wipe in a circular motion and voila! You are clean. 

We appreciate the need for convenience and simplicity, that’s why Bisous comes in a three pack for effortless rotation and is easily machine washed when dirty. Once Bisous is dirty, place in any washing machine and wash with light colours on a normal cycle with your preferred detergent. Bisous is washable and reusable.

You can still use your cleanser either before or after but the use of product on Bisous blocks the nanofibers from doing their job! The fibers are activated by water so ditch the cleanser and go Au Naturale!
We recommend each cloth be washed before use.