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how to use


Wet BISOUS with warm water, completely soak the cloth to ensure you activate the nanofibres.

erase & exfoliate

Wipe gently in a circular motion to remove all makeup and grime.

wash & Reuse

In between use, hang BISOUS to dry. We suggest using BISOUS either side before washing. Machine wash with any wash then leave to dry or machine dry.

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"The new and extremely cool kid on the block. Keeping it simple, sustainable, and economical – ‘Au Naturale’. Bisous, translating to ‘kisses’ in the language of love – aptly named so as these pale-pink nanofiber makeup cloths literally make-out with your face leaving NOTHING behind. Simply add warm water, nothing else, and the fluffy towelette will remove any makeup and dirt without disrupting the PH of your skin. Celebrating real girls with real skin conditions, these babies are life-changing. Five Stars." - The File

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